Navigate the Discovery Dashboard

The Discovery Dashboard,  is the place were you are able to manage all your relationships with the different social media, you can manage the posts on your different social accounts, take actions, as also set up the accounts. 

First access to the Dashboard by selecting Discovery(Outbox)  on the left navigation menu.


Inside the Dashboard

The Dashboard will be divided in 3 sections, left menu, top , and work area.



  • Select all  will allow to select all of the post available, this is for massive handle on the work area
  • Pagination This buttons will allow you to navigate through your posts, on the work Area.
  • Settings This will allow you to access the settings section of Discovery (where you set up your accounts, template for email outreach, and other extras.

Left Menu


  • Search   In the magnifier, you can enter the title of a post or a key word and the system will find the post related to the search, this will be displayed on the Work area.


  • Post Inside the post section it has 'Email Outreach', 'Facebook', 'Twitter' and others accounts if connected, here you will be able to engage your post by the social media available.
  • Scheduled will show the posts that had being scheduled, and are waiting to reach their time.
  • Sent Will show the posts that where sent though the social media available.
  • Archived will show the posts that were Archived.
  • Ecosystem will allow you to do your social Discovery Ecosystem, engage with potential partners, and accounts that you had engage.
  • Page Sharing  Will allow to  identify partners that had not being jet identify. 
  • Help  Here you will be linked to the Learning Portal


If you want to learn more into deep information about each section please go to the

10 step guide to using Rebel discovery tutorial

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