How To Get Approved for Facebook Instant Articles

Setting Up Business Manager and Pages Permissions


1) Sign Up for Instant Articles

First go to This Page and choose your page you wish to add Instant Articles for, check Agree on terms and click Access Instant Articles tool



2) Create a Business Manager account

First, locate your organization's Business Manager account, and only if your organization doesn't have one, create a new account.


3) Add a Page to an existing Business Manager account

Add the Page(s) associated with your Instant Articles feed to your Business Manager account. In most cases, this will be your organization's main Facebook page.


4) Add your team to your organization's Business Manager and to your Page(s)

  • Add your team as Employees

  • Add your team as Page admins: Suggested role - Analyst


5) Access Instant Articles tools

Use Business Manager or your direct Page(s) to access the consuls where you can configure and manage Instant Articles.


6) Accessing Your Page

Go to your Page either via Business Manager or from your personal Facebook account. Note: To access your Page through Business Manager, go to, and in the middle section, click Use Page.


7) Page Settings

On the top, right side of your Page, click Settings.


8) Instant Articles Configuration

Then in the left hand column, select Instant Articles. You'll see options there to set up your everything you need (e.g. configure styles, see errors in your feed, etc).


9) Connect Your Site

Claim URL:

Add this meta tag to your site: 


  • For Runner you can add meta tag in Runner editor
  • For Roar you need Roar dev team to add it

Then Claim URL (add URL in filed below and click Claim URL)


10) Creating and Modifying Styles

If you don't change styles, you won't get approved by Facebook. The two most common ones we see clients get dinged by Facebook for are: you haven't added a logo (won't get approved) or your link color doesn't match your  mobile site.  The default link color in FB Instant Styles is black, whereas most default link styles on websites are blue (or a variant thereof) so make sure you change it to match. 


To create or modify the styles used for typographic elements that appear in your articles, use the Style Editor found on the Instant Articles Configuration page.


Font size and spacing are automatically scaled to different screen sizes. They are not customizable.


To find the Style Editor, go to Settings on your Page, then choose Instant Articles from the left navigation menu.


"Default" is the basic style applied to articles that appear in your feed. Edit the default style by clicking on its name. This opens an overlay with options to customize individual elements in your articles.


To customize a style element:

  1. Find the element you want to edit and change the options associated with it. When you're done, click the Save button.
  2. After your changes have been saved, you can preview the results by looking at your articles in the Pages Manager app.
  3. Font options include the ability to select from the families of two system fonts available in iOS and Android:
    • Serif font: Georgia
    • Sans serif font: Helvetica Neue
  4. To change the color of an element, click the color swatch and enter the corresponding HEX code for your preferred color.


11) Facebook Ads

Facebook provides automated options for Facebook ads in Instant Articles through their Audience Network.  Learn more here.  Either way, once you've signed up and have your ad ID, please send it to your account manager who can get you set up on the RebelMouse side.

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